ALAAPT at Huntingdon Jan 2015 013.jpg
Teachers at the 2015 Section Meeting at Huntingdon College


2017 Alabama Section of AAPT Meeting, February 4th, Huntingdon College

This Wiki is for the members of the Alabama Section of AAPT. Our group is open to all physics and physical science teachers in K-12, College, Jr. College, University, and all others interested in Physics. We welcome you to join.

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Alabama Science in Motion Physics/AAPT
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Application to join the Alabama Sectionfor 2016-2017

Officers 2017-18
President-Tammy Simons
VP (President 2018-19)-Mark Rupright
Section Rep-Mark Rupright
2005-2014 Section Rep-Stan Jones
Secretary/Treasurer-Tommi Holsenbeck

2017 President-Jaime Demick

2016 President-Christina Steele
2015 President-Jaime Demick
2014 President-Justin Sanders
2013 President-Dan O'Halloran
2012 President-Ali Yazdi
2011 President-Duane Pontius
2010 President- Marllin Simon
2009 President-Chuck Hanke