Professional Development Opportunities

Go to www.physicsworkshops.org and apply for the next GREAT professional development workshop. Tom O'Kuma and Dwain Desbien are masters at getting 60 hours of work into 30 hours and only 3 days. These are open to all Two Year College and High School teachers.

If you know teachers who are looking for a way to enhance their teaching skills or gain some research experience, please let them know about the PTEC.org professional development opportunity map at http://www.ptec.org/pd/. This interactive google map provides information about Research Experiences for Teachers, Department of Energy, Modeling Workshops, PTRA programs, QuarkNet sites, and other opportunities from around the country.

Also, if you run a professional development opportunity, you can get it on the map using the link at the bottom of the page (you will need to create a PTEC.org account if you don't already have one).

Gabe Popkin

Education Projects Manager American Physical Society One Physics Ellipse College Park, MD 20740 301-209-3251